A free resource for front end developers in Australia and Netherlands

What is Socon11?

This is nothing more than a free resource that was create by a small group of us across Australia and the Netherlands. We used to use a Google Doc but discovered that when we want to share with others, they were hesitant on using it or didn't have a Google Account. Socon11 was then born and developed by our coordinator.

Designed for developers

We're not here to teach people how to code, there are plenty of websites providing a great service to the world already; and Check them out!

Time saving

Yep, if you bookmark this you can have a resource from anywhere in the world. We came up with this idea as some of us travel from Netherlands to Australia, and carrying a desktop is not an option.

Specific to Front End

We target specifically Front End Developers, sorry back enders. This will cover all the CSS cheat sites and generators you'll need to developing on the go.


Need to show a client something on the go? We got your back bro/sis. This site is bootstrap, so @media works for your device, unless you're using Windows7 phone. LOL.

Code Snippets

Sure, not all the time you're going to need to navigate away, we've thrown in some common code snippets for you. Easy copy/paste directly from the site.

Coffee time is important

Mate, we know coffee is what keeps out blood pumping. Using this site will save you around 10 - 20 mins a day. That's is three coffees! Hell yeah.

The Generators

The Frameworks


Useful Snippets


Quite often a server will display both root and www version of the website, using this code below will redirect the root version to the www version.

		RewriteEngine on
		RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^example\.com$
		RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L]

When you code something using static HTML, you will notice the index.html appear. This code will redirect the index.html to /

		RewriteEngine On
		RewriteBase /
		RewriteRule ^index\.html$ / [NC,R,L]


If you want to see something here, then please FWD your suggestion to James at and he will add them.

We don't do this for money!

You're more than welcome to use this as much as you want, add content to it and become involved. To tell how this was possible is a quick story, but worth mentioning. We confronted a T-shirt printing company in Australia called 24 Hour Tshirts since they're one of Nicks main clients. They supplied us 10 free t-shirts for us to sell to our mates and raise money for us to pay for the domain name and server. Since they provided us with $250 worth of merchandise, we took the liberty of giving them a link. If you're in Australia and need t-shirts or uniforms for your next event, then give these guys a call. You won't be disappointed.

Contact Us

If you found this website useful and use it on an ongoing basis, then I suggest you share it around. If we can give 24 Hour T-shirts referral traffic, then they said they will keep it online forever. Which means we will need to update it forever, and you help would be greatly appreciated.

A word from our mascot

Meow meow moew. MeeeOW meow..... meeeooooow. Meow.